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IN Keeping With The Styles

Where we're going, you won't NEED pants!

paper bridges and plastic rockets
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Life, the Universe, and Everything


So what's the show about?

JEMAINE: Um, funk.

HBO: That was one word.

JEMAINE: Mad beats.

BRET: Crazy starfish.

JEMAINE: Freestyling.

BRET: Freestyling. It's gonna be freestyling.

JEMAINE: Harmonies.

BRET: We're gonna harmonize. What else...the lettuce.

JEMAINE: Dancing. The lettuce.

BRET: The lettuce. It's gonna be-

JEMAINE: Issues, we're gonna write some issues.

BRET: We're gonna take it to the people. Do it for the children.

JEMAINE: We're gonna make love in your ears. In your ear holes.

BRET: Uh um, maybe.


BRET: And that's quite succinct.

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